Kit & Cradle - Quality Baby Clothes Made in Australia

Kit & Cradle - Quality Baby Clothes Made in Australia

April 05, 2022

Few and far between, there aren't many Australian brands with baby clothes made in Australia. Kit & Cradle is proud to be one of them.

At Kit & Cradle, we design our patterns, print our fabric and manufacture baby clothes all in Australia. Our patterns are firstly designed in Adelaide then our 100% organic fabric is printed in Melbourne and finally our baby clothes are lovingly made in Sydney. 

Why don't more brands manufacture baby clothing in Australia? 

The reason is that most brands are driven by lower costs. Manufacturing in Australia is much more expensive than manufacturing offshore. Our costs of materials and our minimum wages are much higher than in Asia. Baby garments need a lot of care and high skill to put together and manufacturing baby clothes in Australia means our costs can be more than double that of manufacturing in Asia. 

Most baby brands manufacture in Asian countries so that they are able to drive down the cost of their product by mass producing. Just think - the cost of manufacturing overseas, shipping the product into Australia and paying all the import duties is still cheaper than manufacturing in Australia! 

Another reason more brands don't manufacture in Australia is because our manufacturing industry has really gotten smaller in recent years. With brands looking to produce cheap fast fashion overseas, alot of our skilled manufacturers have been forced to close down.

Why does Kit & Cradle make baby clothes in Australia? 

At Kit & Cradle, our goal is to offer sustainable, stylish and slow fashion for babies & children that show respect for the resources required to make garments and respect for our environment. 

Kit & Cradle was created with an intention to create a brighter future for our children and bring slow fashion back. We believe in creating quality over quantity and creating baby garments that are unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Our designs are all hand drawn by an Australian artist and our garments are designed to be trans-seasonal and worn throughout the year. We take great pride in our process which you can read more about here

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